Ms. Tech Diva's Web Site

Welcome to my website. I have been helping friends and family with everything from recovering a hard drive to fixing a software problem. I am a System Architect by trade, but I certainly didn't start at that level. I had to work my way up. I created this site to share my experiences, knowledge and internet treasures that I have uncovered in my searches with you. This site is a work in progress, so please visit often to see what new things I will be doing here.

I will also be posting some select emails that I recieve from individuals so please write me.

My initial contribution to this site is a Tech Chat. I believe there are many 'skilled' individuals that would be willing to provide some advice to get you on the right track. I firmly believe in networking so you may develop a project opportunity here as well. My only request is that once it turns into a business transaction, please take that chat offline or via email. I will be the first to throw my hat into the support chat arena. I must say that I do not endorse any information given by my partipicants, so please accept and/or use at your own discretion. In other words if someone tells you to fdisk your entire drive to fix the problem; I probably wouldn't do it if I were you.

I won't be able to do the Tech Support Chat every night initially but I will try to schedule it during the evenings, when your frustration starts to peak over a difficult technical issue.

Ms. Tech Diva